Lormarev offers workshops in the following areas: Viewpoints  Devised Theatre  Choreography and Movement  Solo Performance  Improvisation

Music by The Mean Lids; Ben Smith, Matt Turino, and Miriam Larson.

“Few educators I’ve worked with are able to translate their passion for theater to young people as vibrantly, effortlessly and joyfully as Lormarev.   It’s obvious she views young performers as collaborators and creative partners, and her ability to transform a classroom or a cast into a community is as exceptional as it is inspiring.”  – Kevin Ferguson, Cardinal Gibbons High School

Lormarev makes everyone smile! She is smart and caring and talented and funny and understands that when you nurture the process, the product turns out amazing.”  – Rachel Baranski, Cary Applause!

From former students:

I think the most useful skills that I got from it came from the composition work. Sorting through an entire world of possibilities in order to loosely string together a few components in a short period of time was initially intimidating. When I realized that that is literally the definition of theatre, I became more intimidated and then said screw it and got to work. Despite your insistence that our scenes did not have to make logical sense, the work emphasized to me the importance of having a strong throughline off of which to meticulously hang each element of a story–and how even episodic stories must be told in reference to a larger theme or objective. Straight up–I was thoroughly entertained, educated, and I truly loved the work you did with us.” 

“Working with Ms. Lormarev as our director was such a fun experience. She made every rehearsal truly enjoyable and made me personally believe in my character. She really helped me turn Hector P. Valenti into a true “Star of stage and screen”! She laughed at every single joke in the script no matter how many times she heard it, motivated all of us to be the best cast we could be, and really helped us all turn the absurd story of a friendly crocodile into something I’m going to remember for years to come.”