Lormarev directs and creates choreography for musicals, straight plays, and original work. She has worked with adults and young people aged 3-21. Lormarev’s clear communication and unique style make her a favorite among all age groups.

“Lormarev has been the choreographer on every full musical we have produced at my school.  I wouldn’t dream of working with anyone else.  Her ability and vision as a choreographer is incredible, but what is far more important is her gift as an educator. My students don’t just learn to dance, or even to act working with Lormarev; they learn to succeed.” – Ian Finley, Research Triangle High School

“Lormarev has a passion for working with young people and excels at bringing out the best in her students.  A creative choreographer, students respond well to her direction and warmth.  With Lormarev there is always a sense of fun, even in the midst of hard work.” – Nikki Dyke, Clayton Youth Theater