Lormarev Jones


Lormarev Jones is a theatre artist and educator who currently commutes throughout the  South and the Midwest.  Lormarev choreographs for musical theatre and plays; she teaches the children how to foster their own creative voices.  She received her undergraduate education from Meredith College, Raleigh, NC and her MFA in Sarah Lawrence College.  With experience in solo performance, puppetry, stage management, and sound design, Lormarev is most drawn to new original works with interdisciplinary components.  When not on stage, you can find her at the bowling alley or analyzing a Colin Firth film.

Currently, Lormarev is in rehearsal for Cincinnati Landmark Productions‘s Oklahoma!, where she is performing and serving as assistant choreographer/dance captain.

This summer, Lormarev will return to the Triangle area of North Carolina to teach two weeks of Summer Quest for Playmakers Repertory Company.


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